Helping Businesses and Individuals With Land Use and Zoning Issues

Zoning laws can frequently prevent a land development or construction project - big or small - from moving forward. When your project does not meet the strict letter of the law, you may need to seek a variance, conditional use, or special exception to zoning laws. Our land use and zoning attorneys have worked with businesses and individuals over the years to acquire the necessary zoning approvals. We also are experienced in appealing adverse determinations through the courts.

Our attorneys are also experienced in protecting your rights when a neighbor's use of land infringes upon your rights as a property owner. Whether a neighboring owner is violating zoning laws, maintaining a private nuisance, or adversely affecting your enjoyment of your property, there is legal recourse, and we can assist.

If you are considering purchasing, developing, or expanding your property, contact our land use and zoning attorneys before you move forward. We will review your circumstances and objectives and advise on potential obstacles that may need to be overcome to accomplish your goals.

To schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, call our offices at 513-401-8759 or send an email with a brief explanation of your legal matter.