Assisting Families With Estate Planning

Our goal is to help you meet your estate planning needs. We strive to ensure that the assets you have worked hard and diligently to acquire and grow are administered efficiently and tax effectively for the benefit of those persons and institutions that are most important to you.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about effective estate planning methods and techniques, from the simplest wills to very complex and tax-efficient trusts.


A last will and testament is an essential part of any estate plan. It is a written document, executed according to applicable state law, which specifies, upon your death, who will manage your affairs, who will receive your estate, and who will care for your minor children (if any). It may also provide additional instructions pertaining to your affairs.


For many individuals and families, a trust is a necessary complement to a last will and testament. A trust can minimize the time, expense, and publicity of probate. It is the best method to provide for children, beneficiaries with special needs, and to protect young and impressionable beneficiaries from financial predators. A trust is a near necessity when real estate is owned in more than one state. In addition, a properly funded trust can help to minimize estate taxes.

We help families with trust administration. Ohio law requires that trustees fulfill duties to keep trust beneficiaries informed about important matters. The trustee's duties can last for years, even generations. It is important for the trustee to have solid, ongoing advice. We are here to provide it.

Sometimes trust beneficiaries are poorly treated by trustees. We regularly help trust beneficiaries by assuring that they are being treated fairly by the trustee and by assuring that they receive the information to which they are entitled.

Trusts sometimes grow old and no longer meet the purpose for which they were originally established. We regularly help trustees and beneficiaries work together to assure that changing situations are appropriately handled.

Advance Directives

If you are unable to make your own health care decisions, a health care power of attorney (HCPOA), a designation of personal representative, and a living will can ease the emotional burdens faced by you and your loved ones.

The HCPOA provides your designated decision-maker the authority to make medical treatment decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so. The designation of personal representative authorizes your personal representative to obtain your medical records.

A living will only takes effect in end-of-life situations. A living will is an advance directive which states your decisions regarding the extent and effort of medical treatment to prolong your life, if you are unable to communicate such intentions. The living will can ease the distress of your loved ones at that most emotional time.


Guardianships are established and overseen by the probate court to protect both the financial affairs, and ensure the personal care, of those who are unable, because of youth, age or infirmity, to protect or take care of their own affairs or self.

Family members, or other interested persons, can ask the court to establish a guardianship to protect someone who appears to be lacking ability to do so for him or herself and is therefore "incompetent."

Once appointed, a guardian is accountable to the probate court for providing proper care and management of the ward's affairs.

We help establish guardianships, prepare court required annual accounts, and provide guardians with the necessary guidance.

Buechner Haffer Meyers & Koenig Co., LPA, is ready to help you with all of your estate planning needs. Our lawyers start the process by listening to your concerns and goals, then reviewing your needs. When we have a solid understanding of your assets, we set out a common-sense strategy to follow.

Our full range of estate and probate services includes:

  • Wills, including new and updated wills to meet your changing family needs
  • Trusts, giving you tax benefits now while allowing you the option to decide how your assets will be passed on to heirs, beneficiaries and charitable organizations
  • Investment title transfers, including collectable art, real estate, precious metals and securities
  • Advance directives, including living wills for health care decisions and powers of attorney for health care, financial and legal matters
  • Tax planning, including sound, sophisticated planning strategies for large estates, complex situations, young families and those with modest means
  • Family business succession and exit strategies, including strategies to make sure your business remains in the hands of your family or the business partners you choose
  • Probate services, including handling all estate administration and probate court matters
  • Probate and trust litigation, including litigating contested wills and trustee's breach of fiduciary duties
  • Guardianships, including petitioning the court for guardianship, preparing the required annual accounts and providing the necessary guidance

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There is no such thing as simple estate planning and probate law. Getting the details right is critical to ensure confidence that the will or trust is set up correctly and challenges in probate court are eliminated or minimized. Turn your estate planning or administration matter over to an experienced attorney at Buechner Haffer Meyers & Koenig Co., LPA.

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