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E-Wills? i Wills? Or the old fashioned way? From Robert Hyland

| Oct 24, 2014 | Estate Planning |

We do almost all our financial transactions electronically today. We do our banking electronically, we buy our gifts electronically, we make our travel arrangements electronically. We talk with our children or grandchildren 600 miles away electronically. So, why can’t we do our wills or our trust documents electronically? Ohio does not allow us to make electronic wills. Whether a trust document can be signed electronically is a good question, with arguments both ways. Our wills, though, must still be done on pieces of paper that we sign. Why is that? Probably because Ohio legislators still want us to be able to prove that a document is ours by our signature at the end of it. There is another reason to require that, but not a legal reason. Our wills are one of the last documents by which we tell those around us what we want to have happen after our deaths. Having us personally sign that makes that document even more personal. You may also consider leaving a separate document in which you tell your children, grandchildren, or other important people how you feel about them and what you hope for them. You may prepare that electronically, and then print out as many of those as you want, signing each one of them. When your will gets left at the Probate Court, those letters to your family stay with your family. Let us know if we can help with either your will or your Letter of Love.

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