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When people create a trust, they typically hope that their trust will be helpful for those who are close to them, and that their assets will be split up among beneficiaries appropriately. At Buechner Haffer Meyers & Koenig Co., our law firm knows that this does not always happen in Cincinatti, and in cities across the state of Ohio. There are a number of reasons why trust disputes arise, such as disagreements with the way in which assets are distributed to beneficiaries or as a result of a trustee not understanding his or her duties. Regardless of the reason why a dispute comes up, working through the situation properly is paramount.

If you are involved in a trust dispute, or believe that a dispute is just around the corner, you should try to do what you can to reduce conflict. Sadly, these disputes can turn family members against one another, which can make life even harder for families who are struggling with the recent loss of their loved one. At the same time, if you believe that your rights have been violated, or that you have been falsely accused of wrongdoing, you should not be afraid to stand up for yourself.

Sometimes, it can be very upsetting to know that you have been denied assets which were supposed to be given to you, or deal with another type of trust dispute. If you go over to our page on probate disputes, you can read even more information related to handling a trust dispute.