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Estate planning and the end of marriage

| Jan 17, 2018 | Estate Planning |

Handling estate issues can be challenging for people in various situations, but it can be especially tough for some, such as those who have significant assets or people who have recently split up with their spouse. If you have gone through a divorce, or are thinking about bringing an end to your marriage, it is vital to go over how this change could impact your estate and figure out which steps need to be taken to protect your property. Our law office knows that this can be an emotionally charged time, but you should not let stress and other emotions get in the way of securing your estate.

With divorce, all sorts of legal matters can arise, from disputes involving the custody of a child to child support and property division. After divorce, you may have various things to consider when it comes to your estate plan, such as removing your former spouse as a beneficiary. Moreover, you may need to take another look at other beneficiaries and the way in which assets will be distributed after you pass away. There are many other financial considerations that come along with divorce, from marital property being split up to taxes, but you should not overlook your estate plan.

People sometimes feel too busy, stressed out, or even depressed to deal with these issues after ending their marriage, but they should be addressed in a timely manner. Our page on estate planning has additional material which has to do with estate-related legal matters.

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