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When siblings become involved in a probate dispute

| Mar 21, 2018 | Probate |

There are a number of problems that can arise with respect to the probate process, but disputes are not uncommon. Sometimes, these disputes can be particularly challenging, such as those which involve siblings. Unfortunately, a probate dispute which involves family members can create bitter feelings and resentment that may last for years to come and have an impact on the family as a whole. As a result, you should handle a probate dispute with care if you and your sibling are involved in a disagreement, whether you are an executor accused of breaching your fiduciary duties or a beneficiary.

Disagreements can arise for various reasons. For example, you might believe that the executor of the estate failed to distribute assets to beneficiaries in accordance with your loved one’s wishes. Alternatively, you could be accused of failing to follow your fiduciary duties as an executor, and the person accusing you of this offense may be your sibling. Sometimes, siblings simply disagree with the way in which an estate’s assets are divided, which can lead to friction as well. It can be incredibly hard to work through a dispute with a sibling over such a sensitive topic, but it is crucial to stay focused and commit to pursuing a favorable outcome.

Regardless of the probate-related issues you are dealing with, you should have a clear understanding of different options that might be on the table. If you head to our probate administration section, more material which is connected to probate disputes is available.

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