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Addressing false sexual harassment allegations

| May 25, 2018 | Business & Employment Law |

Company owners come across a myriad of business and legal issues, whether they run a small business, medium size family-owned business, or are in charge of a multinational corporation. On this blog, we have discussed some of the reasons why business litigation arises, such as contract disputes and allegations of unfair competition. With that said, business owners may also find themselves in court over alleged incidents involving employees or independent contractors, from wage and hour violations to sexual harassment claims. It is especially important for business owners in Cincinnati to handle these cases with great care.

Sexual harassment is a serious problem in the workplace and can harm a victim’s life in many ways. Unfortunately, some people also choose to falsely accuse another of sexual harassment. Moreover, those who claim to have been subjected to sexual harassment may even decide to take legal action against an entire company that they blame for neglecting to address sexual harassment that they may claim was evident. In some instances, these false accusations can lead to long-term damage to the company or to supervisors’ careers that is irreparable.

Because of the serious nature of sexual harassment cases, they must be handled very carefully from the first allegation or complaint of harassing action. Business owners should go over every legal option and carefully work through the case. Moreover, it is a legal must for business owners to take steps to be pro-active, like issuing a compliant handbook, supervisory and employee training, and open-door policies, to prevent these issues from arising before they turn into litigation. Browse our Employment Advising and Litigation page if you are interested in reading more information about these important Employment and Workplace issues or consulting with one of our attorneys.

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