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High-asset divorce and your estate plan

| Jun 6, 2018 | Estate Planning |

Bringing a marriage to an end can be very tough, regardless of a couple’s financial circumstances, whether or not they have children, or any other factor. However, it can be particularly challenging for certain people, such as those with a high net worth. If you are in the early stages of a high-asset divorce or have already split up with your spouse, you may need to take a number of factors into consideration, especially those which are financial in nature. Aside from parenting issues, property division, spousal support, and child support, you may also need to focus on how your divorce has affected your estate and go over your estate plan.

There are a number of considerations that may affect you, such as a prenuptial agreement or the type of estate plan that you have. While anyone may feel overwhelmed or stressed out about going over their estate plan following a divorce, this can be particularly true for those with a significant amount of assets. Because of the stress associated with divorce, you may find it helpful to carefully review these matters and give yourself a better idea of what may lie ahead. By reviewing both divorce laws and your different options with respect to your estate, you may have more confidence and less anxiety as you move forward.

Our law office knows that each person’s situation is unique, so it is important for you to take an individualized approach to your divorce as well as your estate plan. Please feel free to contact any of our attorneys assisting with Family Law or Estate Planning matters to discuss these issues fully.

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