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Employee lawsuits and the reputation of your business

Business owners face a myriad of hurdles, some of which arise on a daily basis. We have discussed many on this blog, such as allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace and legal issues with other companies. However, the consequences of an employee lawsuit can be particularly damaging for any business, regardless of its size. If one of your current or former employees has decided to pursue legal action against your company, for any reason, it is important to know what is at stake and be aware of how litigation could harm your company. Aside from the financial penalties and potential loss of key business relationships, the damage to your business' reputation could be significant.

Mark W. Jordan Has Been Nominated and Accepted as 2018 AIOLC's 10 Best in Ohio For Client Satisfaction

The American Institute Of Legal Counsel has recognized the exceptional performance of Ohio's Attorney Mark W. Jordan as 2018 10 Best Legal Counsel for Client Satisfaction. 

Divorce and your revocable trust

Revocable trusts offer a number of benefits, such as avoiding probate which can help save money as well as time while maintaining privacy. However, there are times when people may decide to take a second look at their revocable trust. For example, someone who has decided to split up with their marital partner may need to go over their trust as a result of their divorce. For starters, it is very important to remember that everyone's circumstances are unique, so the approach that works best for you may vary in comparison to someone else's. Many people choose to speak with a legal professional to ensure that they make the right decisions and know their options.

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